Software for the Control of Incoming People



OltreFuturo asked Metricode to develop a software program to automate the management of people entering the company’s premises.

Before the implementation of the software, a receptionist was in charge of welcoming people arriving at the company by checking the invitation, the use of the mask and measuring their temperature.

Now this process has been completely streamlined:

To enter in the company, you will need a QR code (in the case of an appointment it will be sent by e-mail). At the entrance, the totem pole uses a built-in reader to recognise the QR code, identify the person, check the use of the mask and, after measuring the temperature, allow entry.

From a remote location, a company employee can access the software to check the company’s entrances and exits. And create appointments with automatic sending of the QR code.


The software does not require any installation and is accessible from any device connected to the company intranet.

The use of the totem and the software makes it possible to avoid the presence of a person in charge of controlling the temperature at the entrance to the company and to obtain a considerable efficiency in the organisation of the entrances and in the control of compliance with the directives to prevent the spread of covid-19.

The software can be included among the intangible 4.0 tools eligible for the 4.0 tax credit.

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