Digitize and Simplify your Weighing and Metrology processes.

  • We make your weighing more efficient
  • We automate your weighing processes
  • We connect instruments, peripherals and management.

We simplify your legal metrology activities through the use of cloud platforms for SaaS.

Reduce waste of time, resources and money.

All our softwares are:

  • Directly accessible from the internet or your company intranet

  • User-Friendly: easy to use and usable from everyone, in all situations

  • Customizable according to your specific needs

  • Usable by desktop, smartphone and tablet

and communicate with:

  • Business management systems

  • Webcams

  • Access control systems

  • Barcode Reader

  • Printers

  • Sensors (temperature control, weight controller, quality control…)


Software for remote management of weighbridges


Software for scales management (max 3000kg)


Free APP to check scale weight from your Smartphone


Software for Statistical Control

Why choosing Metricode

Automating a Weighing process allows your company to:


That burdens on human resources by allowing people to focus more on high-level tasks


due to manual data handling and saving

Speed up processes

making them not only faster, but also safer.

Increase control

over the internal processes within your business

Measure objectively

generate reliable and comprehensive reporting that will allow you to take business decisions and corrective actions, based on real data

Differentiate yourself from your competitors

generating a competitive advantage

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