Software for Automatic Weighbridge Management

Company: Veneta Cementi


Veneta Cementi S.r.l. is a company part of a group that has been operating in the production and distribution of concrete for about fifty years.

The company has recently acquired a plant belonging to the “Titan cement S.A.” group in the industrial area of Marghera. In the new plant, a rewamping operation has been carried out by modernizing the weighbridges’ equipment and making their management automated.

Through the WeightIT software developed by Metricode, the company is now able to remotely control all the instruments used for the process of weighing, filling and dosing of vehicles as well as to obtain an immediate integration of the data with the company management system.

What are the activities managed by the software?

The management system prepares and sends the work orders/missions

The vehicle arrives in front of the weighbridge and the number plate is recognised by the cameras; the software then sends the signal to the barriers which are raised allowing the truck to enter.

WeightIT associates the number plate with the relative order/issue, the unloading mouths are connected, and then the software controls the opening of the mouths and the activation of the loading screw, starting the filling process until the quantity required by the work order is reached.

At the end of the filling process WeighIT sends the signal that allows the automatic unhooking of the loading mouths and the acquisition of the weight.

The weighing data are transmitted to the Management System with all related information and the delivery note is printed. Once the operations have been completed, the bar opens, allowing the vehicle to leave the weighing system.


WeightIT is accessible via browser from any device and ensures the correct sequence of processes.

Simplifies data exchange and integration of weighing systems

Reduces human error

It is efficient: it speeds up operations, dictating sequences and rhythms.

It is effective: it guarantees quantities, vehicle recognition, and operations at all stages.

provides for Remote Assistance to intervene promptly in case of problems

is User-Frendly by helping the operator in the work phases

Fully complies with TRANSITION 4.0 requirements

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