Simplify, automate and control your business processes.

Reduce waste of time, resources and money.

We connect devices and peripherals to make them communicate with each other autonomously in order to automate one or more business processes.

We develop software on a web platform accessible from the internet or directly from your intranet.

For example, we are able to dialogue with:

  • Business management systems

  • Cameras

  • Access control systems

  • Barcode readers

  • Printers

  • Sensors of all kinds (temperature meters, weight meters, quality control, etc.)

We also develop Android applications to manage business processes that need to operate on a mobile device: smartphone or tablet.

Why choosing Metricode

Automating a business process allows your company to:


That burdens on human resources by allowing people to focus more on high-level tasks


due to manual data handling and saving

Speed up processes

making them not only faster, but also safer.

Increase control

over the internal processes within your business

Measure objectively

generate reliable and comprehensive reporting that will allow you to take business decisions and corrective actions, based on real data

Differentiate yourself from your competitors

generating a competitive advantage

The automation of process provides to the companies benefits in terms of costs, predictability, time and resources employed.

The company we work with

Metricode is the ideal partner for all industries that want to streamline their work processes or production.

You can also turn to us in order to take advantage of opportunities related to calls for tenders and tax breaks from the Recovery Fund and Next Generation EU.


What we develop

Reception and access management

Warehouse management and control

Automation and integration of production departments

Simplification and management of the commercial department

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