The software that connects to your scales and digitizes your weighings.

Manage your scale remotely

The software, which can be installed on any PC, allows to digitize and amplify the functions of compact scales with a load capacity up to 3000 kg (wheel weighers, dynamometers, laboratory scales, etc.).

It connects to the scale via serial or IP interface allowing to:

  • manage the scale remotely
  • record and archive the weighs
  • manage tare and zero of the scale
  • print the weighing data
  • produce CSV files containing all the weighing data.

Active Mode

In active mode the scale is used alongside the computer from which you can view the weight of the scale, save it, zero it or perform the tare.

The software also allows you to visualize the graph showing each weighing carried out. Using the “archive” function, it is also possible to import the archives from the scale or from the computer and modify them directly from the PC.

Passive Mode

In passive mode, the computer is positioned away from the weighing instrument and is used only to display a record of the weighs that updates whenever the print key is pressed on the scale.

Statistical Mode

In statistical mode, the software receives data from a scale that performs statistical sampling and groups the data received into samples that can be exported in PDF.

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