Calls for subsidies

Recover part of your investment

Your investment in Metricode solutions can be recoveres through calls for tenders and tax breaks.

Here is an overview of active funding opportunities:

1. Transition 4.0

The Transition 4.0 plan is a fiscal aid that allows you to recover through tax credits 50% of your investments in Capital 4.0 and 15% for investments in Software.

Example: if you purchase an access management system complete with totem integrated with software, you will receive 50% of your investment in tax credits, which can be used in a single instalment, within one year if you are an SME, in three annual instalments for companies with revenues of over 5 million euros.

The Transition Plan is not part of the “de minimis” regime as it is not considered state aid and can therefore be combined with other benefits including:

2. Bando Digital Transformation

This notice promotes the technological and digital transformation of the production processes of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. Subsidies are granted on the basis of a nominal percentage of eligible costs and expenses equal to 50%, broken down as follows: 10% in the form of a grant; 40% as subsidised financing.

Example: if you plan to automate and integrate production departments, you can participate in the call for proposals by receiving part of your investment in grants.

3. The digitisation voucher

This is an incentive provided by the State each year to all small and medium-sized Italian enterprises registered with the relevant provincial CCIA. The aid varies depending on the case and can be up to 10,000 euros that can be used to purchase hardware to renew the company at a technological level, purchase software including management and operating systems, support technological adaptation.

Example: through this voucher the company that invests in solutions for simplification and management of the commercial department, such as those proposed by Metricode, could recover up to €10,000 of the investment.

4. European calls: horizon Europe

This type of call is perfect for companies that want to focus on the implementation of medium to large digitisation and interconnection projects. To see all active European grants, check the site

In addition to the calls for proposals listed above, which represent the main active solutions for investing in digital and interconnected products, there are many opportunities at municipal and provincial level or coming from entities such as Simest or the MADE Competence Center: IoT is a sector highly supported by facilities, so any project of yours could be supported also through an access to subsidized credit.

Choose Metricode’s products and solutions recover part of your investment and increase business efficiency!

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