Process and technology

How does it work?

We follow you step by step in the creation of your automation system.

Whatever your business automation needs, our process is always the same:

1. Analysis

We carry out a detailed analysis of the current situation: processes, solutions, actors involved, devices and related peripherals.

2. Proposal

We propose the best automation solution that will save you time, money and give you more control over the process itself.

3. Validation

We validate the proposed solution together

6. Support

We guarantee support, maintenance and project management whenever you need it.

5. Testing and relaunch

We implement and test the developed solution. We relaunch the new process

4. Development

We concretely develop the automation you need, connecting to all the devices, management systems and peripherals required for its operation

What technology do we use?

Our systems for interfacing with your business devices are based on Raspberry Pi technology, an evolving reality in the industrial world with powerful and flexible solutions:

Our web-based software is powered by Node.js: the same system used by brands such as PayPal, Netflix, Uber, Linkedin, etc

Our cross-platform desktop applications are developed with Electron technology, compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac platforms:

The user interface is developed with React for fast and easy interaction

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